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FIMBank Announces Rights Issue

May 31, 2018

FIMBank p.l.c. (the ‘Bank’) announces that it has been granted approval by the Listing Authority for a Rights Issue prospectus dated 23 March 2018. The rights issue offer is for 209,687,428 new ordinary shares in the Bank at an offer price of USD0.55 per share on the basis of 2 new shares for every 3 existing shares held as at the record date (being 22 March 2018).

The net proceeds of approximately USD114 million from the issue will be used to strengthen the Bank’s capital base and support the general growth of the FIMBank Group and also the repayment of a principal sum of USD50 million with interest due under a subordinated loan agreement.

The acceptance period opens on the 4th of April 2018 (08.30 am) and closes on the 18th of April 2018 (10.00 am). For a copy of the Prospectus and further information about the FIMBank Rights Issue please visit