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Our corporate clients are export-oriented companies that we support by discounting without recourse up to 100% of the contract value of their foreign trade business. As trade finance specialists, we are able to offer tailor-made forfaiting solutions to help our clients managing their liquidity and hedge counterparty & country risk.

Our mission is not only to be an alternative to banks, but also to offer to our clients solutions that their partner banks cannot offer, because their services may be too structured or there may be certain emerging market risks that banks would not be prepared to take.

We understand that your commercial negotiations are often very fast moving, and as such we aim to provide you with immediate solutions starting with preliminary evaluations of feasibility for discounting or confirming of a contract.

If there is a specific transaction that you are interested to discount or confirm or simply you want us to help finding solutions to a specific issue, we invite you to use the “LFC Corporate Quotation Tool” below and we will revert with a feasibility assessment within 1 Business Day.

If you don’t have immediate need to discount or confirm a contract but you are interested to get in touch with us to discuss business opportunities with our trade finance specialists, please use the “Generic Enquiry” service and we will revert as soon as possible.

We also invite you to register to our website in order to receive emails with news, publications and country lists that we regularly upload on our website. 

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