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Important Updates – COVID-19

Mar 16, 2020

In view of the recent developments surrounding the coronavirus, we would like to assure you that the LFC is taking all necessary preventive measures to maintain efficient business operations and continuity. 

Although these are challenging times, LFC strives to ensure that the company shall continue to provide a quality service to you, within reasonable timeframes. As part of its action plan to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees, standard protocols have been implemented within all offices globally. In addition to this, LFC is also encouraging its employees to work from home. Face-to-face meetings are being avoided if possible, promoting the use of video conferencing and telephone.

LFC is steadfast in its resolve to ensure that it adapts swiftly to developments as they unfold and will be taking remedial action when necessary. Any material updates will be communicated regularly with our clients through our website.

Should any clarification be required, do not hesitate to contact any LFC offices by telephone or email.