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LFC Launches New Website

Jan 31, 2019

LFC has just launched a newly designed website aimed at catering for the latest user experience requirements.

London Forfaiting Company is pleased to announce the launch of its newly updated website. Having been in the pipeline for the past six months, the new site design creates a user-friendly browsing experience.

The website contains new and uncluttered design that is easy to navigate, and more user-friendly, where current and prospective clients will find useful information about LFC's products and services.
The new website is part of LFC’s commitment to facilitate client experience. It features a more streamlined and simplified design, with a focus on enhanced functionality and enriched content, aimed at effectively communicating LFC’s value proposition.

This new website will be continuously updated with fresh content and latest news to ascertain that LFC’s customers and prospects are kept informed about the most recent developments.